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What do People Really Want?

May 20, 2017

I asked a lady what do people really want? As English was not her first language, it took a couple tries on my part to get my question across to Anna.

Once she understood Anna said people want happiness.


I asked another lady, who had better English, and she tried to complicate by asking what did I mean, “Like in business?”

I directed her back to life in general. She arrived at happiness as the answer.

This second lady was not as trusting as the first. She assumed I had some agenda for asking a simple question.

Anna is definitely the happier of the two ladies.


What do you think most people want in life?


I gave a copy of The Way To Happiness to each lady and told them everything will be okay!

My distribution of free copies of The Way To Happiness helps me be at Cause in my environment. Every time some one reads the Book or part of it they can be happier and spread that happiness.


That makes our world happier, Better!

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