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About @Poet_Carl_Watts

Taken about 2006

I really do want to save the world. It is a huge task since many forces are set up to enslave mankind.

To help me in my task, I have created #AwesomeTeam on Twitter. I’ve been fortunate and creative enough to gather 50,000+ followers. Thousands of them are very active supporters.

I’ve defined #AwesomeTeam in my article “#AwesomeTeam Defined” 

I’ve given a purpose, a way to actually make a positive impact on the world in my article  New Civilization 

I’m a father of five wonderful adult children. They are my wife and my best friends! I have seventeen grandchildren in my extended family. I really want them to have a chance to survive and to enjoy human rights and happiness.

Please read the above referenced articles. Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already.

Will you help? The future will be there and your help or lack of it may make the difference between a livable society on Earth or a miserable hell.  Either way, you, your friends and families will be here.

Contact me for more information!  🙂

#AwesomeTeam Day to you! 🙂

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