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May 18, 2017

A few nights ago, April 2017, I had the body sleeping. I was out but near by.

I started to feel sad, depressed. There was no reason to feel this way.

The next thing I knew I was being compressed and stuffed into a trough or narrow gully.I was being impressed with the thoughts that I was a loser and doomed to fail.

For an instant I almost went into grief as my hopes were dying in front of me.


Then I realized what was happening. I immediately expanded and disagreed loudly with the line of thought that I thought was my own but knew truly wasn’t!

It all vanished and I went to sleep with the body.

The next day I thought no further about the dream that I had experienced.

That night there were no dreams though I woke up every couple hours.

I didn’t connect the broken sleep with the earlier bad dream.

Set Up

The third night, I was a bit tired from the broken sleep but didn’t go to bed early.

When I did go to sleep, about two hours later I woke up and could not sleep. I usually go to sleep easily.

I may have been partially asleep when the attacks came!

There were many of them. I don’t know why or who or what they were.

At first I was being pushed in as a being. I didn’t understand and had an instant of confusion and fear.

Now the two night lack of sleep, trying to wear me down, made sense. Tired people are easy to confuse and frighten.

It worked but I’m not human so I responded with an effective counter.

I simply expanded as a being and absorbed the entire attack.

Another attack started immediately. Again I expanded even further and absorbed that.

Still this happened again. After I absorbed everything around, there was no more activity.

As this was not a usual night, I took some supplements to help calm the body.

I laid the body down to put it to sleep. As I was drifting off, I got some dream pictures that were not pleasant, so I pulled that in, absorbed it and went to sleep.



I find it interesting that I have no upset with the attackers. I wished them no harm and they did not suffer. The absorption was instantaneous.

There’s a moral here, don’t tug on Superman’s cape and don’t mess with  me when I half asleep!

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself 🙂

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Carl Watts

I am a Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health. Contact me.

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How to Align Humanity

December 21, 2014

Humanity is our species and include all humans.

Align is to harmonize actions in a single direction. Align would include removing barriers. To have a smooth progress on a highway, potholes should be filled!

Which Direction is Humanity Going?

To answer that question, you have to take searching look at individuals. After all, humanity is the group of individuals on planet Earth. So lets look that a few examples. When I look at each of my children and their families, I see a very common purpose. They are trying to survive well. Routinely, they work, take great care of their children, homes and possessions. So I would summate or conclude that they are trying to survive. At the same time, the media seems to be trying to bury us all under bad news. Corporations are psychotically pushing destruction on humans and our environment! Those corporations are ran by individuals. Then we have the governments of the world constantly destroying life and property for very unclear reasons. Only clear objective of war is destruction and that cost money. So the people making money off bombs, guns, poisons, etc, seem to not be trying to survive. Perhaps they are trying to survive but only have their own life in their calculations. The people pushing #chemtrails, #GMOs and #nuclear power will be killing their children and grandchildren with their actions at some point. Those are planetary wide destructive actions.


Even the psychos #chemtrailing the planet are trying to survive.  The #bigpharma psychos, are killing off people left and right with their poisons, are personally trying to survive. Fortunately, the sane people trying to survive are aware that helping others is part of that. We so out number the psychos dishing out their poisons, we will win. But we have to recognize the insane’s view of survival perhaps is the death of all others but them.

Alignment of Survival Actions

I see many bits of information that are true. I don’t pass them all along. Some only produce upset. So even thought true, there is no survival aid in passing them on. Some things are true but do not contain any solution. With no solution, they only produce upset. True Information should increase the survival of the many. Information on how to crack credit card numbers might help a criminal or two but would lower the survival of the rest of us. That’s like the bank robber, get out fast with lots of other people’s money. The bank robber thinks he will survive well with all his new found money. He fails to think about the people he harmed. And factually, he will lose his cash and wind up in prison so his survival is ruined. Actions must be considered in terms of one’s own personal survival, his family and far beyond as explained in the video below. Actions that say only put money in your pocket, like the bank robber, are non-survival for many! Spreading true information that can be used or where action can be taken is survival.

#AwesomeTeam has been spreading truth for several year.

Our actions align with the survival of humanity. Putting truth and vital information out helps humanity make correct decisions. Groups that harm humanity, Lame stream #media, #warmongers, #drugpushers, #banksters, #psychs put out false and misleading data. Insane groups in the above paragraph are enemies of humanity. They need to be spotted by the majority and not supported. #GMOs will vanish if no one purchases them. Who to boycott can be seen here.

Your Contribution if You’re Willing!

You can help by sharing my content. You can help by recommending others follow me. I’ll recommend others follow you. Together we grow stronger and together we align and increase the survival of ourselves, our families, friends and all of life on this planet!

We Are Winning!

Let me know if there’s a subject you need to know more about, a question you’d like expanded on or anything you’d like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as I’m always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going here!

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Carl Watts

I am a Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health. Contact me.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! 🙂 #PEACE

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Question of the Day or Make YOU Think?

December 18, 2014




Make YOU Think?
Also known as “The Questions of The Day”

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I will be happy to expand on any Question or refer you to a reference so you can discover the truth for yourself!
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What is the difference between determination and determinism, which is better?
Who is responsible for the human race?
Is protection almost always after-the-fact what is the lag time after you call for help?
Do governments protect after thousands or millions have died, #bigPharma?
Do you think the government will actually take ANY action to protect the population?
Which would be better to protect something or to create it again newly?
Do different people have different levels of ability to create how high can that go?
How can another person create an unreality for you, validate you make wrong?


What is it that you are most certain in, is that temporary?
How many hundreds, thousands of past injuries do you have your attention stuck on and you don’t realize it?
How much space do you have can you make it larger or smaller?
Is truth really only certainty?


Can you feel glee of insanity in some people?
What’s the predominant characteristic of the insane?
If you think you’re insane & are trying to do something about it, how could you be insane, still being responsible?
Do the insane take any responsibility for themselves?
Would an insane person think nothing of killing billions, billgates?
Is complete no responsibility insanity?
Have rats preceded plagues, who are the rats that preceded ebola?
Who were the rats that preceded the swine flu?
Who were the rats that the bird flu?
Could #BigPharma cdc who ama fda be the people/rats that preceded the modern plague?
Why are children that get off for vacation often hectic, sort of spinny?
Does pleasure come from the ability to locate things in time and space?
What direction do you look: up down straight ahead?


Sanity is rational, if you think you’re insane, you’re not, see that?
Why’s it important to be able to spot the good guys?
How can you spot the insane in this society, the good guys?
What makes a person quit, how do you rekindle?
If “stress” does not cause insanity what does, a clue to resolution?
What part of universe does the insane control, is that part of cause?
How do death and insanity serve the same purpose?
Is death an invention, no ama didn’t invent for profs?
Can an immortal spirit die, how?
Why is insanity not a desperate situation?
Is sanity contagious, how about insanity, do you watch the news?
What is wrong with convulsive shock regardless of methods?
How would a demon know who to possess, many choices?
Is God and the Devil in competition, who created him?
How effective is demon exorcism, do they have a clue what one is?
Do you like the questions I pose as I study?


What happens when you can not impose time and space?
Do people prosper in the absence of goals?
Have you failed at your goals when who was there?
What is the goal of physical universe, goal of life?
Now and here is it!  #EverythinWill_B_OK!, can u agree, RT?
People relying on icons or amulets are they saying they can’t do it?
We should we take action to create positive impact on the future?
Are you willing to insist things get better loudly continuously?
Do you have a plan for the future, if not can you plan for better?
Government will not improve future, who will?
Is silence apathy and agreement the future is out your control?
Can you imagine a better future?
If you were immortal could you imagine a better future?
Can you prove you’re not immortal?


What’s the highest capability of life?
Are you woke up by an alarm, what would happen if you smashed it?
How well do ill people handle matter space energy time, how about you?
What imposes time and space on you?
Do you have self respect n being what you’re being?
Do you have a vested interest in this society?


Do objects contain time ?
Can you expand and contract a piece of matter until it turns into free energy?
Can you take a piece of matter and inject space into it, what would happen?
Do you know what the intention for #Awesometeam is?
Can someone have a mental picture that is always around?
Is the physical universe so far below apathy that it is timeless?
What actions can you state describe #Awesometeam?
How could complete destruction be a creation?
Is beingness a higher common denominator than survival?
What would you suggest others do to contribute more to #Awesometeam?
What is beyond the concept of survival?
Have you gained from your association with #Awesometeam?
What would the evolution of philosophy result in?
Did you know if you read this you are part of #Awesometeam?
Does superstition harm a society, #psychs?
Are you contributing life to #Awesometeam?


Did WW I break the grip of religion on the world, how?
Do you have a line to God can you communicate with him?
Are you part of infinity, not asking about your body?
Could you walk from your body and be yourself?
What if you said my judgment is never wrong?
What are you trying to do here?
Why should you never put off making a decision?
If you are out of present time, where did you go/where is the past?
Is it reasonable to bump off the human race? #monsanto #nuclear #chemtrails #vaccines
Is there a gradient scale of rightness/wrongness?
What is wrong with Aristotelian logic?


Are you a spectator of the human mind?
Why do #psychs study rats?
What happens when U remove barriers & straighten out flows??
How do U resolve any confusion?
What is difference between ethics & morals?
Did the Greeks know the difference between ethics & morals?
Is differentiation the essence of sanity?
To insane person is there difference between rowed and rode?
Are you expecting someone else to guarantee mankind’s survival?
How could A ever equal B?
Does mathematics Directly apply to physical universe?
Can one Apple ever equal another Apple?



Insane people that put upset, confusion, turmoil on my plate, should I block?
Science says you can’t destroy energy/matter. How about creating it? Last I checked they didn’t have answers only arbitraries!


Do you win when others win?
If you’re not in present time, where are you?
If you want to get into present time, which way do you go?
Where is the past, the future?
Would a long walk help you arrive in present time?
What actions would help pull you our of the past?
Do you permit others to be, to do, to have?
Can negative affinity exist, anger?
How real am I in your opinion?
Can you agree that I care?
Have you noticed how much I’m here on Twitter?
Could affinity encourage me to give you my attention?
What is the reason why?
Does life consist of freedom, barriers and purposes?
Why would endless freedom not be good?
If you fight all barriers are you trapped?
Who would be happier, “get out of things” or “Get into things?”
If you had no games, would you have an identity?
Are you perpetuating the past?
Is your attention in the past or on the future?
Are you in absolute control of your body?
Do you control your body or does something else, if so what?


“Are you controlling weather, why not?”
“Who said you can’t control the weather?”


Did you know a person is as well as they can originate communication?
Do you know people that seem only to originate communication from mental circuits?
Do you handle a child’s originations or ignore; an adult’s? (Origination is a communication about themselves as opposed to a mere
Does “experience” teach you not to live?
Does control always contain punishment?
How do you smoothly change subjects in a conversation?
Have you notice someone holding onto their name or their body?
Can you communicate with anything except a living being?
Do you know someone who just throws communication out and hopes it lands?
When addressing a group do you talk to a group or each individual?
Do I communicate with many people or do I talk to you?
Can you truly communicate with a person, can I?
If you get an idea from another, can you make it yours?
Have you notice people lag on their response/action?
When communicating, what does a good acknowledgement do?
Have you observed what happens to a person who talks on and on?
When I write, Let me know if I can assist U, what does that mean to you?
When I write  #EverythinWill_B_OK!, what does that mean to you?
Whose running your life, is it going the way you want it to go?
Have you ever had to promise you would not do _________again?
Someone asked if I took these off Twitter or wrote them myself, what do you think?
Are you in present time?
Where and when are you?


09/08/14 Monday

Can you confront the subject of the mind, the human spirit?
Are spiritual/religious people communistic?
Can you confront the human spirit?
How could you invent/create a god/spirit?
Can you confront that which doesn’t exist?
If a non-existent god were invented, could it be confronted?
Can you just be there comfortable with another person without anything else?
Can you handle objects from a distance?
How do you create affinity for another (definition of affinity) person?
How do you create reality with another person?
Do you know how to solve a problem, what steps to take?

9/06/14 Saturday

What tech do you know well and can use?
If a problem is real complicated, how do you solve?
Can you get the idea/concept that all problems are solvable?
How would you use/apply gradients to a problem?
What would demonstrate that I care about you?
Is there anything you can not demonstrate in two dimensions?
What are the steps to clear/learn a word, not understood, with a dictionary?
How do you remedy a misunderstood idea or concept?
Do you control people, environments & situations without doubt?
Would you share your knowledge and abilities to another civilization/world?
I follow the Code of a Scientologist, do you know what that is?

07/04/14 Friday

What does it mean when I say I care about you?
What does it mean when I say I am interested in you?
What does it mean when I say you are important?

03/23/14 Friday


What is your definition of creation, help and problem?
Is a problem an except able excuse for being helpless, can’t do because…?

02/10/2014 Monday

How is Earth is tied to how are you doing?
What have you done lately to help you?
Sometimes helping you is too close, can you help Earth?
Are you helping your family?
Who should look at the big picture for Earth?
Do you think governments care about Earth?
Do you think corporations care about Earth?
So who is looking out for your planet?
Are you so close to death, you can’t write/call congress?
Do you think your single voice doesn’t matter?
Do you think the elite want you to be in apathy?
Do you think the elite want you too ill to protest?
How about our animal friends do they need earth?
Plants, trees, do they need clean air/water?
I know you are helping, could you do bit more?
I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! is true, will you help more to make it true?
When would you recommend people help Earth?
If share holders didn’t support #monsanto would that help?
What could you suggest we do to help Earth?
I take supplements to ensure health, how do #chemtrails fit in?
What was the last bit of content, not a shoutout, you retweeted?
Have you ever seen #chemtrail, took picture, posted to alert others?
When you read helpful data, to you retweet it?
Do you think others know more, don’t need the alert?
Do you know the major threats to Earth?
Is there an area of life you need to do more to help?
What are your responsibilities towards Earth?
What responsibility for Earth are you willing to accept?
What responsibility for Man are you willing to accept?
What responsibility for life are you willing to accept?
Is responsibility cause, is effect irresponsibility?
Who is cause/responsible for your life?
Is a child mostly cause or effect, responsible or irresponsible?
Are children responsible for Earth?
Are fish or trees responsible for Earth?
Are responsibility and cause uncomfortable subjects

02/07/2014 Friday

What if laws of physical universe applied to matter, energy, space and time, but not to you?
Does true data require belief?
Equal and opposite reaction, stomp the floor, did the floor grow a foot and stomp back?
Speed of light is C when going through a prism, comes out different speeds?
What is the definition of space excluding the rat cage use of time and energy?
Are you being constantly put at cause by others or at effect?
Can the insane handle their memories?
If you’re very sane, would you have a good command of memory?
Could a psycho somatic ill merely be a past memory stuck in present time?
What is the difference between illusion and delusion?
Does thought contain time or is that merely an impression of physical Universe?
Could grief/anger merely be old pictures/memories in present time?
Would thought recording action make thought be in action?
Why do decisions to stop a habit often fail?
Do Emotions monitor motion in a human?
Is fear a signal to withdraw?
Do your emotions produce emotions in others?
As your emotions effects everyone around you, what effects are you creating?
Are you self determined over your emotions, others bother you?
Is Grief a signal to be quiet, do nothing?
Should leaders affect others strongly towards positive action vs say Hitler?

02/05/2014 Wednesday

Is reality simply a chain of agreements?
If you undid space, what would happen to any matter in it?
If you fight your body, what would happen?
If you abandon everything do you expand or contract?
Would a complete mastery of the physical Universe be desirable?
What agreement keeps you in your body?
Could you just be outside your body?
How do you disagree with the physical Universe, build your own?
Can you pretend you don’t have to agree?
If you created some space, could you put something inside it?
Why face reality, how about inventing your own reality?
If you didn’t have to agree, would be being wrong matter?
Do you know people who are afraid of being wrong?
Is thought motion in space and time?
Does everything around a body awak/asleep get recorded?
You can perceived your own thoughts, how about other’s thoughts?

02/04/2014 Tuesday

Hold both hands up and shake them, who did that?
What is the ideal state of a human’s mind?
Do you have a persistent effort to live?\
Do you know people who think they are surviving for themselves only?
As man becomes ill, less able, what will the elite do?
Will Earth end up like Mars?
When you take an action that harms another ares of life, does that harm you?
Should solutions bring the greatest order and the least chaos?
Is war a good solution regarding order vs chaos?
If you are afraid in one area, does this effect all areas to a degree?
Are your actions naturally right?
Emotionally where is indecision?
What is the emotion of taking responsibility?
Can you change at will?
How much can you put into the future?
Do you control and use motion?
How good is your reality of the future?
Can things be trusted most of the time?
Have you ever had someone hand you something almost and it fell?
Can you  have a one way communication line? (see article Following Back 🙂
If you get a telepathic thought, who sent it?
How long have you agreed with the physical universe?
Is the desire to have also the desire to agree?
Why was hunger invented?
Before bodies needed to eat, did they get hungry?
Is hunger/addiction merely you got to have?
Are thoughts/ideas objects, what are they?
How do you invalidate, conceive a nothingness about?
If you calmly totally ignore something as existing, will it vanish?
At what point does a child cease being cause over education, become effect?
Do you know someone who wont let you talk, wont agree?
Does someone in fear seek to have you in fear, anger etc?
What happens to you when you feel sympathy for someone crying?
Do you know someone who insisted you like them or another?
Which pulls man down more, their education or their general environment?
Are the thing that are wrong with you merely part of your effort to be human?
Do you know someone who insisted you agree with them?
What if you could make a better you?
Are you trying to be right for someone or are you right?
Are you treating yourself now as others have treated you in the past?
Is the getting of something the sport and having a defensive action?
Could experience be overrated, what happened to ability?
Does what you say, decide stick to you?
Who insisted they were your friend?
Do you realize you decided to be where you are emotionally?
Do you feel you are being you in present time or someone else?
Do you realize you decided to be where you are in terms of sanity?
How good can your survival get?
What compares to life in the physical universe?
If you create an illusion and others see and agree upon it, is it real?
Are hallucinations imagined realities others don’t agree upon?
If life is cause, what is the physical universe?

01/29/2014 Wednesday

Did your parents allow you to complete one order before issuing another?
What in your environment is out of order, can you fix one thing?
Have you started to do a cycle of action and had someone change your mind?
Can you scatter your attention then fix it, what did you see?
Can you fix your attention, then let it fly out in all directions?
Is fixed attention being controlled?
Is dispersed attention not in control?
How do space, time, energy relate to start, change, stop?
Would unlimited creation without any destruction be sane?
What area of life would you not use force, be responsible?
Can you create yourself, a body?
How do Space, Time, Energy relate to be, have, do?
Does loss effect your memory, last life?
Should beingness be judged by possessions or actions?
Does matter have a “greed” and “has to have?”
Does gravity pull on spirits, what is gravity?
How sensible is a freed spirit?
Is gravity the desire to have between items?
Do your possessions control you?

01/28/2014 Tuesday

Why is torture done by #psychs not illegal?
Should doctors be paid based on how healthy patients are?
Why is wellness via nutrition attacked by the #fda?
Is the end result of #psych treatment wellness or a quiet/dead body?
#Psychs have not scientific test for sanity, what do they use?
How can a #psych claim electrocution is “therapy”, what test?
Do you think the #psychs have a workable standard definition of sanity?
Why do #psych “treatments” NEVER produce Sanity?
If you wish to help someone should you consider their environ?
What is the first step needed to help someone?
If your spouse will not listen to you, what can you do?
Should you continue to point out faults in your spouse, anyone?
If your spouse points out your faults, does that make it okay for you to do?
What would you say is the single biggest problem in education of a child?
If there’s an upset between a parent and a child, what do you know?
In Child rearing it the problem with the child or the adult?
Are children most often ordered/restricted without consulting?
What is wrong with ordering a child about, anyone?
When attempting to help someone, should you form a group, them and you?
When attempting to help someone, should you maintain maximum communication?
When attempting to help someone, should you tell them what to think?
When you do someone’s thinking for them, does that inhibit their ability?
When helping someone, should you provide memories for them?
Is Criticism ever really required?
Can data be given without making people wrong/criticizing them?
Why does hypnotism fail to produce 100% results, often worsens?
When helping should you also attend self to ensure you’re not being pulled down?
Do you often invalidate/make less of yourself, who else did that?
Can you conceive yourself as being fully sane and able?
Can you conceive your fellow man as basically good but having a difficult time?
If your life force could be increased, would you perhaps survive better?
Do you think insanity is inherited, why?
If you have someone insane in your group, what happens when they are not present?
Do you originate or just return energy, ideas, effort?
Are you a mirror to the people you know?
Can you pervade a subject at a distance?
Can you know merely by knowing?
Can you graph zero to infinity in 2 dimensions?
Is indecision a mental turbulence?
Is the question to be or not to be a turbulence?
Is there a rule that says you have to be?
Is yes a harmony and no a static?
Do you know how a person creates his own ills/pains?
Are people always aware where their attention is?
If you consciously direct your attention, do you know where it is?
When the media says all is bad, where is your attention?
Do you have a mental machine that says your not supposed to know?
If you command all particles to align and they did, would that be cause over matter?
Can you recall a specific glare someone gave you?
Would counter emotion be counter energy?
What is blocking your native power, confusion?
Can a glare kill yeast, etc, how is that?
If you are kept distracted/confused are you more controllable?
Is hypnotism only a confusion allowing uninspected commands?
When was the last time your attention was really fixed, then suddenly interrupted?
When was the last time your attention was ideal then suddenly fixed?
How many ways is yelling at kids destructive/harmful?
What knowledge transcends human experience, how do you know about it?
Do parents confuse lying with imagination, crushing imagination?
Should a group have some agreements?
Does everyone in a group have to do some management, some labor?
Why is the media actually failing, lies?
Will lies bankrupt newspapers?
In a police state, does the media have freedom to print truth?


01/27/2014 Monday

Is the difference between fear and terror only volume?
If you’re a little upset, can you snap out of it, a lot upset?
Could there be various qualities of happiness?
Where there’s tremendous confusion, do you go effect?
Do you know how to handle any confusion?
Why do governments perpetuate wars/conflicts?
Do you know very intelligent people that can’t do?
Do you know people with little education that succeed against the odds?
What do you see that life is trying to do?
Do you understand your spouse, yourself?
If you can’t understand yourself, how could you understand others?
Once you wreck a vehicle, now repaired, do you still like it as much?
What does pain do to your emotional tone?
Is pain a disharmony between life and physical universe?
At what instant does a being start to decline?
How powerful are you really underneath all that’s trapping you?
Do you handle the physical universe or does it handle you?
If meditation has a flaw, do you know what it is?

01/23/2014 Thursday

Are there maybe’s (unresolved questions) confusing your thinking?
Who’s life are you trying to decide or determine?
Who controlled you poorest, mom or dad?
Have you made yourself into someone you dislike?
Who did it to you and now your doing it to others?
What would make you not like you?
Have you harmed, now you’re being like them?
What would you defend above all things?
Can your thought to harm someone give you that pain?
Are you just a person or part of a family, groups, mankind?
Your body is part of physical universe, is your mind (not the brain)?
Which areas of life are you responsible for?
Do you tend to inhibit or enforce others, something else?
What areas of life are you not having trouble with?
Are you having trouble with yourself?
Which areas of life are you not responsible for?
If you’re not responsible for areas of life are they effecting you?
Do you shrink from areas you’re not responsible for?
If you’re in mom’s personality, do you control others like mom?
Do you sometime feel you must pretend to be someone else?
Do you believe others pretend to be someone else?
Could you invent a personality and act that way?
Have you observed a child taking on personality of a pet?
How do adults know a child’s invisible friend is not real?
Why would a voice inside your mind be considered a demon?
How could someone say a voice is something they can’t define?
Could you decide to have a voice and start talking to it?
Could it be that people talk to self because not one else is available?
Does one of your voices agree with you while the other disagrees?
When you’re trying to go to sleep, do you know how to silence voices?
If you’re ill, who had a similar problem/complaint?
Can you imagine that instantly you’re 100 miles up, peaceful?
If you’re immortal would you worry about yourself or others?
Could a command, you’re just like your dad, force you to be that way?
Do circuits in your mind seem to aid or hamper survival?
Why to some people feel they must tell others “Control yourself?”
Are circuits in your mind artificial or natural?
If you waive your hand over the land, can you restore beauty?

01/22/14 Wednesday

Are Newton’s laws just physical universe stimulus response?
What is above Newton’s laws?
Why can conservation of matter not be proved?
Can a machine cause life?
How could you break the outflow must equal inflow?
If you created new energy & outflowed it, would there have to be an inflow?
Would it be fetter to created and use new energy rather than old?
Are you placed or do you place?
Can you select and direct attention?
Does attention often take the form of energy?
How easy is it for you to fix and unfix your attention?
Is fear just a big dispersal, energy going in all directions?
Is there a frequency band you can not put attention on?
How far/broadly does your attention extend, are you checking?
Can matter be created by intending that and fixing attention?
What have you given attention to, still giving?
Are you validating what you put attention on?
Can you see lines coming into your body, the other end?
Who do you have a fixed line to, anyone?
Is the amount of attention you have finite?
What if I told you, you have an infinite quantity of attention?

01/21/2014 Tuesday

Does a circuit act like sort of a hypnotic command?
Can mental charge wall of part of your analyser?
Could a hypnotic like command cause you to doubt yourself?
How can you sort you out of the noise in your universe?
How many people do you act like (everyone does this)?
Do children imitate mom, dad, grandma etc?
Do children still imitate people after they passed away?
How do you separate your personality out from mom & dad’s?
Why do #psych think drugs will handle multiple personalities?
Everyone has multiple personalities, why do #psych use shock?
Every ask a #psych how he handles his multiple personalities?
Have you seen a skilled actor take on the personality of his character?
Is it possible to get stuck in someone else’s personality?
Why do the master of the mind, #psychs, not know cause of multiple personalities?
Why do the master of the mind, #psychs, not know cure for multiple personalities?
How many different personalities can someone have without problems?
Can someone only have a single personality and be normal?
When you talk to a #psych, master of the mind, how do you know he’s being himself?
Do you know anyone who’s seen a #psych that’s not on drugs?
If you feel/think you could be crazy, who told you that?
Who had strong personality, mom or dad, which are you more like?
If you’re normally cheerful, can you usually control who you act like?
If you’re normally antagonistic/angry are you unable to control who you act like?
Can you get lost int another’s personality?
How can you find out who you really are?


01/18/2014 Saturday

Is there any datum in physical universe that is not connected to another?
Do you have a right to know, continue knowing?
Can you recall something really real to you?
Could you help something ever a tiny little bit?
Did you know you can help me?
Could you see how you could help me?
Could you do something to help yourself a tiny bit, like smiling?
Does an artist need a reason to create?
Has it been proven that humans behave like rats/dogs? I don’t!
Has it been proven that humans behave like rats/dogs? You don’t!
Could you see how you could help #AwesomeTeam?
How long is your day, are you creating time?
Were days longer when you were a kid?
Why do people say time is speeding or dragging by?
Do you realize if you are reading this, you are a winner?
You have won for years, you’re still here aren’t you?
Do you feel you need to prove your important? (YOU ARE!)
Do you spend time trying to convince others they are important?
How do you feel when people needlessly kill trees/plants?
Can you feel the atmosphere when you are in the park/mountains?
Can you feel when someone is angry with you or another?
What are people afraid of from others?
Do you spend time trying to convince others they are valuable?
Does your importance need to come from someone else?
Can you feel the emotion of someone you love when they are angry?
Do you need others agreement to convince you that you’re important?
Why do drugs never cure?
How serious are you about being important?
Have you failed to convince others you’re important, now trying to convince self?
Are other peoples opinions and importance more than your?I
If you kept sympathetic people away, might you get well?
Does their sympathy say I approve of your illness?
When someone dies, do you consider you’ve failed?
Who died, are you stuck then?
What bridges thought and effort?
Is emotion sensitive to both thought and action?
Have you ever walked into a room and knew someone was talking about you?
Does tyranny seek to eliminate the spirit and religion?
Have you ever observed a truly cheerful atheist?
Can a person have firm religious views without a doctrine?
Is the majority use of force with very little reason good survival?
Do the forces of evil reduce life down into materialism and death?
Do the forces of good enhance life and assist in creating harmony?
Is man an ugly duckling who may yet grow into a swan?
In present time is life evolving?
How does a spirit/being learn about the physical universe?
Can you be exterior to the physical universe?
Is reading about someone else’s observations, conclusion, the best way to learn?
Can you see multiple objects at same time?
Can you perceive beyond your peripheral vision?
If man fails to learn from history, how will he advance, war?
Why are absolutes not attainable in the physical universe?

01/17/2014 Friday

Can the smallest wave length be found?
What is the minimum number of terminals in an electric motor?
What is missing from the description of an electric generator?
Is the state of being a “human being” artificial?
So you have a soul or are you the soul?
If you looked at the back of your head, where would you be?
Have you set up a universe(s) before?
Have people forgotten hot to create time and space?
Can an idea vanquish force?
How simple can an idea be?
Is the simplest idea the most powerful?
Was the only thing ever give to you an inhibition?
Who told you “you can’t do____?”
Will you do a test, listen for a few days for “you can’ts”?
What if you conceived there are no limits, no barriers?
What does an outflow always create?
Do you know or think you know?Is life a static, what is the definition of?
Does memory reflect the physical universe?
Does one get the pain he seeks to inflict on another?
If you had no memory, could you just know?
Can you control your memories or are they controlling you?
Which has a higher frequency emotions or aesthetics?
Is ugliness a disharmony of wave length?
When you orient yourself, do you use the physical universe or your own universe?
When you say, I’m here, are you speaking of your universe or the physical universe?
Is your emotional level directly related to your responsibility level?
What is the difference between stillness and action?
If you fail to agree, do others think you’re insane?
Is the ultimate, in sanity, differentiation?
Is insanity disassociation?
Do you know people that can’t tolerate non-sequitor data (nonsense)?
Voltaire “if you would argue, define your terms”, why argue?
What proof is there that people can’t think an original thought?
Why are logical statements rarely humorous?Do you have a right to your own sanity?


01/16/2014 Thursday

Does an atom exist beyond theory?
Why is #obamacare and unnatural arbitrary?
How may #obamacare drive the USA down?
Does this universe occupy all space and time?
How could you prove the universe is real?
What proof do you have this universe is real?
Could you make your universe more real than the physical universe?
If you’re accurate, can you be more accurate?
Do you have a right to survive, to be happy?
In getting an education, should you evaluate all the data yourself?
Do you identify yourself with your body?
Are you in this universe because you can’t make your own?
Is there, beyond math theory, a 4th dimension?
Is your dimension different than the physical universe’s?
Are all universes the same?
Are you anyone else but you?

01/15/2014 Wednesday

What is the difference between human energy and electricity?
What have the humanities gotten us, war, criminality, insanity?
Which is more effective a truth or an action which works?
When I dream of a New Civilization, am I building a universe?
What do you have acting as a circuit, do you know you’re doing it?
if you set up a mental circuit, are you being responsible?
Do you know why most childhood memories are not available?
How many parts does the composite know as homo sapiens have?
Do you often find yourself acting like others around you?
What is attention?
Is a person’s attention limited or unlimited?
Are rituals created to fix attention?
Why chant over medicine, how does a doctor do this?
Where did you learn to study (if you ever did)?
Were you ever told you didn’t know how to study?
Did your teachers know how to study?
Did telling you to study harder solve the problem?
Could the “slow/stupid” student simply not know how to study?
Were you EVER taught how to actually study?
Do you want self determined time or have your time determined?
Do you have more possessions than you have time?
Do you collect things in your pockets/purse?
To get more energy, get rid of stuff, you think?
Why does having people do things for you make you tired?
Does the person that owns tremendous amounts of everything ever be happy?
How does one often treat someone who is different?
Is sanity judged by “Do you agree?”
When you’re told to face reality, what do you look at?
Which science deals with reality, physics or chemistry?
Should you agree or disagree with the physical universe?
How closely related are motion and emotion?
How much power can a being generate from outside his body?

01/08/2014 Wednesday

Could an illusion be an embryonic universe?
Is space beingness (can you easily be without space)?
Is havingness (objects) time?
Where are you permitted to be?
Can you invent a universe?
Do you have a rough time getting out of your body?
If you step out of your body, is it still yours?
Does your body act as a timer for you?
Do you know how to causatively create space?
Do you use the space your have, fill it?
Are there spaces where you dare not be (jail)?
Are there spaces around your head you dare not be?
Were you a big doer, rebel as an kid, now?
Does logical thought depend on you having a future?
Were you super agreeable, what did you want to accomplish?
Where does your time track end today, yesterday, in the future?
Would an immortal own the earth even with no deed?
Are you tied down on your time track by the age of your body?
Are your goals based on your body’s activities?
Do you talk about what you “had” or “will have?”
What WILL you have (future goal)?
Will you have health (not insurance)?
What will you do (future goal)?
Is there any will have/will do that applies to you rather than your body?
Shut your eyes, what was it like a 1000 years ago?
What did you have last life?
Is your beingness independent of your body?
If you body died, what would you do?

01/05/2014 Sunday

Why can’t #psychs stand the light of truth?
#psych=sole reason for decline of civilizations, right?
#psychs kill 1 person ever 4 minutes, did you know this?



10/03/13 Thursday

Have you set up universes before?
Have people forgotten how to create time and space?
What info would an immortal not have?

10/02/13 Wednesday

Does #psychoanalysis not work and make people worse?
Can Laws have exceptions and still be laws?
Do you know I can help anyone I deem worthy?
Do you know you can get better?
Have the medico or #psychs convinced you there is no hope?
Are you limited by the physical universe?
Before you got involved with the physical universe, what were you doing/being?


9/13/13 Thursday

If you jiggle the body, such as dance, are you commanding the body?
Are You looking at something or a picture you took of it?
Can you emanate goodness/friendliness/communication in volume 360°?
What do vacuums and flows have to do with Homo Sapiens?
Does an electronic flow produce a vacuum?
Is Time at the bottom of all aberrations (insanities)?
Are all people here at the same time (present time)?
Have you bee validated for all that is right about you?
Is time cause, why?
If flows eventually stick, why is time still going?
Are you stuck in time, when?
Can you place a thought into the future?
Can you put emotions into the walls, try it?
Where are you not feeling, not thinking?
How can you tell difference between illusions and delusions?
Does knowingness depend on certainty?
What are you certain is very real where your are?
How has the TSA effected a slavery on the people (by controlling our motion, location, time)?


7/20/13 Saturday

How would a person portray serene confidence while harboring doubts/fear?

6/27/13 Thursday

If you fail to agree, do others think you’re insane?
Is all your attention on your body or out on the environ?
Do you ever feel you’re surround by points ready to collapse/explode?
Have you ever experienced a tractor beam?
How are fear & enthusiasm similar, dispersal?
When you blame someone, are you assigning them cause, yourself effect?
When you get upset, do you sometimes intentionally continue it longer than necessary?
Can you recall the last time you were tremendously enthusiastic?
What emotional tone tends to be more survival, sane/sanity?
Do you know someone who talks suicide, Is he a “friend” really?
Do friends tend to pull you up or push you down?
People who talk suicide are NO ONE’s friend (not a Question)!
If someone talks suicide, you are not the reason nor are you responsible, suicide is a decision, theirs!


5/29/13 Wednesday

What area will the next break through be in?
Did you have to fight to get the body your now have?
Could you view and duplicate someone else’s memories?
Do spirits, free of bodies, feel emotions?
What are the energy fields around Earth, who put them there?
Has anyone convinced you that your are not anything?
Do you know people that seem to be hiding?
Are the Galactic Police still looking for…?

5/22/13 Wednesday

Is “Who am I?” a basic confusion for homo sapiens?
Is your identity dependent on your flesh?
Do you get confused between yourself and your body?
Do you identify people by their body?
Is the name given your body also your name?
Do you hover over/mother your body?
Do police/economic control work on a body, a spirit?
Have you seen people who were insane about caring for bodies?
Are all your goals/ambitions related to your body?
What goals/ambitions do you, as a being, have?
Have you or do you sacrifice everything for your body?
Where are you, what are you, who are you, confusion?
Where are you not: in your stomach, in your head, behind your head?
Do you protect your group or does it protect you?
Have you tried to get out of your body and failed, succeeded?
As an immortal, do you think you’ve got a lot piled up over you?
If you’re immortal, how would you stop accumulating?
Is death merely a therapy to wipe out the past lacking a better therapy?
How would it feel to realize you were truly immortal, scary, elation?
Would an immortal have any serious things to worry about?
Is a group an organism?
Is life an energy, what’s its frequency?
Does a person’s life force seem to decline, why & how is that?
What prevents a person from using his full native ability?

4/26/13 Friday

Is your attention on what you don’t want or what you want? I wrote an entire article on this question…click to read!


4/22/13 Monday

Are people who suffer the most the guiltiest?
Does suffering mean you did it to someone else earlier?
How dangerous is it to control a human being, why is that?
Is the only way to control people is to lie to them?
Does everyone have the same definition of God, why not?
When your see someone trying to control you, are they lying to you?
Do people that know the truth start to become freer and freer?
Can you list things you find fault with, when did you do those?
What’s wrong with your body, did you ever wish or make someone else experience?

4/9/13 Tuesday By the way, I’m doing an article on these questions. Watch for it. What is Harmony!

Is happiness like a pure piano note?
Is harmony in life like a crystal clear clean water?
Is beauty most often a harmony of objects and motion?
Is ugliness similar to noise, discord?
At what point does noise cease to be noise & become music?
What is aesthetics in music, a painting?
Is government, in general, beautiful or ugly, why/how is that?

4/8/13 Monday!

Does anything positive come from low tone communication, if so, what?
Have you ever entered a happy home and felt it?
Have you ever entered an unhappy home and felt it?
Can you sense an emotional atmosphere, how are you doing that?
What is your concept of aloneness?
Can you get the concept of aloneness?
Is aloneness an implanted concept?
Can you change what you are feeling right now?
Are you tired, can you get that as a concept?
What are you obsessed with, can you get that as a concept?
Can you get the concept of not being able to stay focused?
Can you get the feeling of not being able to stay focused?
Can you get the concept of being denied?
What would you think if I said you poor person, you don’t sound well, are you taking your meds?
What is it you can’t know or don’t believe?
Is invalidation the cancellation of thought/emotion/effort?
Which describes best your feelings: run, stay, arrive?
Who can you not think about, dead?
What subject can you not think about, can you get it as a feeling?
What subject must you not think about?
Need to post:
Can you get the feeling of being denied, the concept?
Is there a barking dog near by, can you be the dog and be quiet?
Can you get the concept your been made to forget/to not know?
Do you have hollow spots or very solid spots in your body?
Do you get feeling of not knowing what you are doing?
If yo have a problem, could you be the problem thus knowing the solution?

4/6/13 Saturday

Do you think the average tone is less than boredom?
Do you tend to hang around with angry people?
Do you know cliques (groups) where all involved are covertly hostile?
Can you imagine that below your case you’re super human?
Is there a validated method of increasing sanity?
Can you convert the pain of a lifetime into happiness and sanity?
Is on of life’s mission, changing the physical universe?
Can you change the frequency of matter?
What makes weddings enjoyable and funerals not, you cry at both?
Can you successfully raise the emotional tone of others?

3/31/13 Easter Sunday!

How much Water did you drink yesterday?
Who said with a glare, let me see your hands, who else?
How much water have you drank today?
When you fidgeted at school, did the teacher glare?
When should you drink good water and why?
Can you recall who glared at you the most often?
How does the tip of your nose feel?
Can you get the feeling of “not know?”
Have you ever wondered why you are not supposed to know?
Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?


Are you a copier or a creator?
Are you a drain on society or an asset?
Do you produce energy, verve o Wonderful♥#AwesomeTeam♥#ACO1r consume it?
Do two people angry seem to get angrier, who’s adding the energy?
What happens when people talk about hopelessness, do they go down hill?
Can you feel a glare, what is that?
When someone glares at you, should you duck?
When someone glares at you, should you glare back?
Can you be human and truly sane?
Do up Toned people have more time, why?
Why do grown up often not have enough time to do?
Do you know someone who complains has not times, does nothing?


What were your goals when you were a child?
What are you current goals?
What difficulty are you having achieving your goals?
How does your emotional level effect your forward progress?
Does increased knowing often increase sanity?
Want to rapidly handle an upset person, take a walk?
Is it more difficult to remember in crowded city? (Related article Crowed Spaces)
Is it easier to remember in a rural setting?
How do you make a person forget bad news fast?
What is your plan of action when your current body dies?
If you find yourself out side a body, do you have more space and time?
What datum can you always depend on, “I am me?”


What is a “food like” like product? What you eat daily?


How can you out create invalidations?
Is time a method of erasing illusions?
Say “now”, then, now is then, now is then…what is that?
If you’re now, who is that that was now but is yesterday now?
Is the power of illusion & the power of creating the same?
How much of your knowledge is false, based on lies?
Is every cell a living being?
When did man become so degraded he had to eat?
When a cell splits, is that tramatic/painful?
Is someone/thing preventing you from being yourself?
Can you distinguish yourself from your body/other people?
When “beings” don’t even know they exist, how well do they know they are not a body?
Which is better careful or care free?
What riddle still puzzles you?
Can beings generate electronics in others?
Can a being generate emotions in others?
Do you know what’s wrong with man?
Kitten born knows how to clean self, babies?
When people start speaking “tongues,” what’s the scientific explanation?
Have you ever experienced “I’ve been here before?”
Are the sane capable of accepting evidence & the insane not?
Are you the person you always thought you were?
Do you confuse yourself with your name?
Each life you have a different body, does that confuse who you are?
Last life, did you live in a different location?
What job did you hold or do last life?
What is exact meaning of “Sarcasm?”
How much room does thought take up, zero or infinity?
Which are you, being or not being?
When you say to be, what are you being?
Do you know people that think the are not part of all life?
Who would have the same beingness of all thought?
Do you have some beingness of infinity?
How do religions depart from infinity?
What would be the beingness of all or infinity?


How often do you create illusions?
Is life a continuous illusion we’ve agreed on creating reality?
Is there pleasure in creating illusions?
Do you have the power of disintegration?
Would disintegration be light or heavy energy, why?
When someone invalidates your illusions, dreams, should you recreate?
Where would you put yourself between zero and infinity?
Can  you have a beingness of a group and still be yourself?
Does a group have a beingness of its own?
Do you know people that think the are not part of all life?
Darkened circles under their eyes, do you know possible cause?
Is injustice loss?
Can we count on central governments to be corrupt and grant us no rights?
How do you disable an immortal being?
How would you rehabilitate an immortal being?
How do the capitalist create value, scarcities?
How much beingness could you be?
Do decisions range between zero and infinity?
If anyone became a complete zero would the universe cease to exist?
How does time relate to zero and infinity?
What hold space and time together? (Please Factual Replies!)
What was your very first thought?


How well off is an immortal that can only ran a human body?
How would you like not to have a heart attack?
Can you keep up with your grandchildren, why not?
Do you have to be ill all the time?
Do you know why you don’t remember?
Do you know what happened that made you forget?
Why do pictures on boxes of pictures on boxes with pictures…attract?
Why do beings think they have to have pictures/memorise to know?
What blocks knowing?



“What Are You Doing For Others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Do people easily accept truth, resist non-truth?
If people’s livelihood is based on a lie, do they resist truth, psychs?
Will a vested interest prevent acceptance of truth, chemtrails?
Why can political parties not agree, insane?
What unseen influence is present in conflicts, banksters?
Why can two sides in a conflict not easily resolve things?
Should you accept authorities on subjects or look for yourself?
Do people with vested interest want to know the truth, psychs?
How powerful is a being who can’t die, is not native?
What force could bring an immortal being down to human?
What force could bring an immortal being into this universe?
What are you aware of that is most unreal to you?
Can you be something else while still being yourself?
Is the most you will ever be is yourself (very adequate!)?
What is exact meaning of “sarcasm”?
How much room does thought take up, zero or infinity?


Which way is the past and which way is the future, can you point?


Do you know people that like animals more than people?
How do you put aesthetics/spirtualness into writing?
Has the beauty of the world disappeared, where did you kill it for someone else?
Have you harmed God, what did you do?
Is the “third eye” and implant?
How can a being that is total cause be at effect?
Can a spirit get tired or is that only your body complaining?
What emotion are you creating in your body?
Can you close your eyes & without touching it, feel the wall?
How far out can you feel in the environment?
Are sections/parts of your body numb?
Have you  been careful not to unthink the universe?
Who have you kept from knowing?
How many people have you kept from knowing?
How do you keep people from knowing?
How often do you find yourself outside your body?
Have you ever found yourself outside looking at  your body?
Are you at cause over any group, #AwesomeTeam?
Have you ever impede a child from getting dirty?
How heavy is a “maybe”, an indecision?
Do you know or not know, a maybe there?
Who do you dislike, what did you do to them, you say nothing right, look?
Complaining, what are  you trying to justify?
Does anyone know how much sin you’ve hidden?
What is sin, why is that?
Has someone or something made you dependent?
Has someone been nice, been nice & started owning you?
Can you over help children/adults?
Can your over helping cause upsets, why?
Why can many people not remember childhood (no psych theories pls 🙂
Did you own yourself as a child or were you owned?
Who did you harm as a child?
Why do people hate people?
Do you feel your vote doesn’t amount to anything, why?
When you do harm, are you degrading the human race?
Do troops become degraded because they are harming the human race?
Are the actions of troops disgraceful to mankind, killing strangers, no reason?
Anytime you do wrong, do you disgrace yourself, humanity?



What this universe thought up?
What does all life have in common, motion?
Where is the point you’re emanating from?
Can you locate 5 places in your body that you are not?
Are you in possession of your body or does it possess you?
What areas of living are you influencing?
An upset, still bothering you, what’s your indecision?
If you agree with someone who is in fear, where will that put you?
If you agree with someone who is cheerful, where will that put you?
If you agree all is bad, will not get better, what’s your emotion?
When you agree with me (if you ever do), how do  you feel?
When you disagree with me, how do you feel?
Do you sometimes feel a timelessness, what is the indecision?
Was your last argument based on a disagreement?
Sometimes, even when you know your wrong, do you continue?
In your last clash with someone, did neither person win?
How can any nation win a war?
Why is it impossible to win a war?
Since NO ONE ever wins a war, why do governments still war, insane?
I believe it is impossible to win at war, your thoughts?
Why you agree with me have we formed a group?
Does your environment smother your power of decision, still there?
Who or what is cause in your life?
How do you transmute the lead of humanity into the gold of the spirit?
If you’re not cause are you being effect, who’s going to change that?
If you’re being effect of things, are you failing to be cause?
What area of life should you not be cause over, effect of?
If you were always cause over yourself, how would life be?
Have you ever decided you were only human?
Have you ever thought you were more than human?
Do you know how to be cause over yourself, even your body?
If you body is always effect, are you cause?
Where do you emanate from?
Are you surviving or being?
What area of life are you surviving or being?
Do you control and create time?
Survival includes time, does being include time?
Can an instant be an eternity, what is time?
Do angry people complain they have no time?
How much time do you have (not your body)?
Do you handle the physical universe or does it handle you?
Are you owned or do you own?
How does thought impinge on the physical universe?
Do you expect approval from others, do you issue approval?
How smoothly did your parents control you?
What would happen to you if you didn’t have a body, do I hear silence?
Is your immortality hidden from you and controlled by others?
How o you get into a state of living, live?
Are you living hot and fast or slow and cold?
How would you avoid infinity?
Are you willing to destroy and create?
What do you gain when you back away from life?
Can you disintegrate with a thought?
How high is your ability to disintegrate?
Can you prove you are not immortal, is memory faulty?


You are telepathic, can you prove you are not?
Do you live in and are you aware of the past?
What happen when you can’t decide, how do you resolve?
How does indecision and time relate?
Do you live in and are you aware of the present?
What does a “maybe” do to beingness?
What does decision have to do with beingness?
What areas of living are you influencing?
Do you live in and are you aware of the future?
Do you create illusions that come into being?
How do you create illusions that become reality?
Does thought become matter?
Have you ever felt someone else’s enthusiasm?
How do you kill a society, crush/kill all the artists?
Should you face reality and agree with it or disagree?
Do you become, to some degree, that which you agree with?
Which is more important, your illusions or reality?
Is matter a solid chaos?
What does all life have in common, motion?
Where is the point you’re emanating from?


Have you lived before or not?
Will you continue to live beyond this current life span?
If you view life as not serious would you regard death as not serious?
Are real serious people, people with lots of failures?
Does a person dying get serious about living, why?
Which is more damaging to you, your actions or someone else’s?
If you handle others poorly, is that how you handle yourself?
If you don’t trust yourself, do you also not trust others?
If others distrust you do you begin to distrust yourself?
Over the eons, how many spouses have  you had?
Is there something you’ve always been worried about?
Is there an unresolved question in your life, a big maybe?
Do you have reoccurring images or a constant picture?
Do people easily accept truth, resist non-truth?
If people’s livelihood is based on a lie, do they resist truth, psychs?
Will a vested interest prevent acceptance of truth, chemtrails?
Why can political parties most often not agree, untruths?
Why can two sides in a conflict note easily resolve things?
What unseen influence is present in conflicts, banksters?
Should you accept authorities on subject or look for yourself?
Do people with vested interest want to know the truth, psychs?
How powerful are beings who can’t die, are not native to this universe?


Did mysticism give birth to religions?
Was religion employed to control humanity?
Low tone people are very similar, have you picked up any newspaper?
Are you presently occupying two or more bodies/locations?
Can you recall someone else’s memories some times?
Are you presently living in two or more bodies/locations?
Have you ever met yourself some where?
Are you in contact with others and now aware of it?
The next thought you get, can you trace and see if it’s yours?
Are your thoughts tangled up with the thoughts of others?


Does the environment create your emotions or do you create the environment’s emotions?


What would be a counter-emotion?
Can you recall others being afraid, did you feel the fear?
How Much do you, the being, not the body, weigh?
Can you recall others being angry, did you feel the anger?
If you struggle to hold something still long enough will you get angry?
Can you recall others being happy, did you feel the happiness?
Do some people thing they are better off ill, do they act like that?



Does reason applied through emotion generate constructive action?
Does force applied to emotion produce misemotion/destruction?


Is the fear of death lessened when someone knows he’s immortal?
Why don’t governments like the idea of immortality?
Why don’t many churches like the idea of immortality?
Does force produce any thing but anger, fear, apathy?
If you apply constructive thought, can you accomplish something good?
What good reason do you have to help others, humanity?
If you were to think positively, how could you help humanity?
Does #AwesomeTeam apply constructive thought, reason?
Does reason, thought, emotion
If you hate are you suffering, miserable?



If there is NO SAFE level of #Radiation, why did the government raise “safe” limit?
What is the proof that you only live life once?
What caused our last death?
Where were you when your last body died?
How old was your last body when it died?
Did your last body die of natural caused or did medico kill it?
Why would someone invalidate immortality, control?


#AwesomeTeam What is your attention on today?
#AwesomeTeam What are you think about right now?
What could cause someone not to understand me?
What mental phenomena block understanding?
What does a not understood word do to a message?
Have you noticed how being near someone can effect you?
Have you noticed how being away from someone can effect you?
If you closely examine a memory, what do all have in common?
What does a body always do when if feels pain?
What is above emotion, thought?
What is below emotion, effort?
Does the picture you see mentally match the environment?
Can you run your memories backwards, ever try?
Have you or can you accept that you can cause thing?
Are you blaming others?
Are you holding up a black picture which blocks you from seeing others?
Is there a picture you are mentally holding up or seeing all the time?
Could the emotion in a mental picture cause your emotion?
How could a person involuntarily descend down the emotional tone scale?
Is unconsciousness a slide towards death, hypnotic trance?
What can you not remember?
Are people who belittle things merely ignorant, blind?
Why do drugs almost guarantee “depression”?
Are they certain the drugs they prescribe will not kill you?
How much radiation does it take to make you tired?
How much radiation does it take to make our troops ill?
How much radiation does it take to make our children ill?
How much radiation does it take to make still born babies?


What would happen if everyone asked the govt a question?


What will your next action or inaction do in the creation of our future?
Who will be the person that creates the smile that brings world peace?
How far does a smile relay, around the world?


How about you & your days, how are you creating them? See Related article Summer Day.
What about the future, how will that go? See Related article Summer Day.
Do you believe you’ll never get another chance?
Why do people worry about failure?
What is the proof you only live this life?
What would happen if you were ask on a lie detector if you have lived before?
Have you been taught/convinced you haven’t lived before?
If you recalled past lives, would that mean immortality?
Is there someone who answers up for you, thinks and evaluates for you?
What would be a simple solution for unemployment?
Did you stand at the beginning of time and intend to be?
What is the difference between YOU and your memories?
In what and where are your billions of memories stored?
What and where are you exactly?
Are all your memories still there even thought not readily available?
Is it possible to recall every memory, if no why not?
How many memories/pictures do you take per second?
Do memories corrode/deteriorate or remain perfect?
What is your earliest memory this life, last life?
Can you remember previous lives, how many?
When I help someone, how have I benefited?
When I communicate with someone, how have I benefited?
What restraints are put on you because of criminals?
Who do laws restrict?
Do criminals follow the law?
Does congress follow the law?
Why can only criminals carry concealed weapons?
Punishing kids does not work, why continue punishing?
How would it be if you understood your fellow man very well?
If words are physical universe code, what code works in other universes?
When #psychs Fail and fail and fail, do they suffer greatly?
When #psychs know they are frauds, does this weigh heavily on them?


What is the limitation of thought?
Do you have any idea of how much better you can be?
Does emotion bridge though and effort?
Is emotion a condition of beingness?
Does it upset an angry person when you move a lots or fast?
How do you talk to an angry person, is it possible?
Why do sudden loud noises startle people?
Why does a sudden silence draw such huge attention?
What happens if you tell an angry person #Everything_Will_Be_Alright?
Do you know people who couldn’t have things getting better?
Why do cheerful people often upset angry or covert people?
How do you know who you can trust, words or actions, smiles? See article Warmth of a Smile.
Do angry people age faster than cheerful people?
Is aging merely a sinking down the emotional scale? See Article Aging and Illness.
Exactly what is it that you are not supposed to know?
Would you agree to help if you see something good, then do?
Would you agree to promote something good, #AwesomeTeam?
Do you have a headache, how much water have you had? #HealthCoach
How could I align the efforts of #AwesomeTeam?
How could I get more action/support for #AwesomeTeam?
Could I conquer chaos by applying sympathy thus aligning it?
How can I simply communicate with you and bypass your case?
Considering the average upbringing, you must be pretty tough, right?
In spite of everything you’re doing the best you can, right?
Why is “constructive criticism” so destructive?
Who gave the critic the RIGHT to criticize? See article Who Has the Right to INSULT You?
Who should an artist listen to in creating his art?



What would you estimate is the emotional level is of an accident prone person?
Do you think in terms of past, present or future activities?
How good or strong is your certainty for the future?
How good or strong is your certainty for the future?
Does music effect you emotionally or stimulate thoughts?
Why should a child not have a vivid imagination, an adult?
How free is your imagination?
What area of life are you letting fail or die?



What is in front of you?


What do people have in common in any race or nation?
Can a government not supported by the majority of people exist long?
Does a group where no one likes anyone survive well?
Should people in a group have some agreements?
Does everyone in a group have to do some management?
Does everyone in a group have to do some labor?
Why is the media actually failing, lies?


What is an optimum solution?
Is the physical universe really here, notice how solid it is?
Were you happier when you were younger, what happened?
Could you decide to start getting happier, better?
What memory do you no longer have, who is controlling it?
Are you positive you’re thinking, when did that change?
What does ability to control/handle memory have to do with sanity?


How could a person be invalidated without words?
Who do you know that didn’t like tears?
Who was the person that was seeking to control others?
Do you know people who never cry, how are they?
When was the last time someone told you, you were a liar?
How is your survival not related to the survival of your family?
Should different races be in agreement, nations?


Are you the creator of problems or the solver?
Is sanity a relative term, percentage of rationality?
How do you define education, what’s its product?
How does logic go, 1 value, 2 value, 3 or infinity?
Is insanity a relative term, percentage of irrationality?
Who was the person you think  you are?
Can you recall problems/pains your parents had earlier?
Do you feel everyone is against you?
Is controlling someone also nullifying them?
Do you know what a demon circuit is?
Do you know anyone that doesn’t talk to themselves?
Can you define psychology?
What are the potentials of a human being?
Do you sometimes feel you can’t be yourself?
How should you treat a child, seen and not heard?
Do you sometimes feel like you are someone else?
How patient are you when little children try to talk to you?
How patient were your parents when you tried to talk to them?
Anyone say you never listen/pay attention to me?
Anyone ever say, Don’t talk to me?
Anyone ever say, don’t repeat this?
Anyone ever say, You’ve got to listen?
Anyone ever say, you’ve got to or Must___?
When was the last time you calmed someone down, what did you say?
What year or incident are you stuck in?
Can you move on your time track, are there blank periods?
What non-optimum thoughts do you have about yourself, growing old?
What non-survival thoughts do you have about yourself, growing old?
What worrisome thought do you have?
Who do you remember well, can you get more memories about them?


What could you be?
When you write, do you put life into the writing, do I?
What is the difference between self determinism and machine determinism?
Can you turn your automatic responses off and on?
Atomic bomb, What are you doing about it? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Are you more powerful than your mental circuitry?
ChemTrails, What are you doing about them? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Do you know someone who’s actions are all determined by others?
Do you like your own power of choice in life, obamacare? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
How do you get cooperation? (See article How To Get Cooperation)
Does your happiness depend only on you or does it involve others?
Fluoride poisoning in water, what are you doing about it? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Is communication the only really pay one receives?
#GMOs, what are you doing about them? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Governments, what are you doing about? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Do you feel no one will listen to your ideas?
How can you get others to think/decide things?
How can you get others to act correctly?
How much communication does it take to create a group?
#AwesomeTeam, How could I align the views and actions of others?
Should people be nicer to their parents before they die?
Who is in communication with your government, are you? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
How could I align the views and actions of others?
How could you get into communication with your government? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
To establish communication should you start heavily or gently?
What area of life do you find troublesome, are you in communication with it?
What is true wealth?
Are you the master of your work or is it your master?
What are the subjects of good and evil?
Do you know you can play a game called New Civilization?
How many people did you make smile today?
How many strangers did you say hello to today?
What did you do to make humanity better today, last week, last month?
What did you do to improve life around you?
What kindness did you display today, last week…. ?
Are you playing a game to improve life? (See article New Civilization)
Do you need ideas on how to help others?
Are you injecting life into the game of living?
Are you acting as an asset to humanity?
Do you need methods of improving yourself?
What organization is factually improving life, man’s survival?
Do you know anyone who has bad intentions and know they’re bad?
What would happen to a confusion if you communicated at or about it?
Why are there confusions about the deadliness of radiation?
Can war exist in the presence of good communication? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Does war only exist in the absence of good communication? (See “Governments, Solution For“)
Can confusion exist in the presence of good communication?
Is evil a consideration that exist about someone else?
Can good communication harm people, if so, HOW?
Is sanity a relative term, a percentage of rationality?


#AwesomeTeam at what point will humanity turn against #monsanto, #bigpharma?
Who do you expect to create a better future?
Should a scientist be held responsible for their inventions, the atom bomb?
How do #monsanto #bigpharma employees sleep at night, drugged?
Are you friends with people that are killing, poisoning people, #monsanto #bigpharma?


What is the basic agreement of life, to live?

6/6/12 I realized today that I’ve been promoting too much of the bad things in the world and not
doing enough to put attention on the positive things we can do!

What could you start a conversation about, more subjects?
How do you handle rumors?
Do you assume the intention of others are bad?
What are your intentions towards your friends, family, associates?
Is there someone you are having difficulty, need help with?
What are the actual intentions of the police?
How far can your communication reach to straighten out the world?
What barriers do you find to your communication, only those you create?
What is wrong with trying to “save” the world?
What is a bundle of confusion, merely a confusion of communication?
If you talked to an area of confusion, what would happen, every try?
How long does it take to handle a confusion, seconds?
What if all men intended on good, all the time?
What are your troubles/confusion in life, can you list them out?
Take your list of troubles & ask yourself how you’re going to tackle them?
Are you tackling your problems in life or are they tackling you?
What do you do after tackling all the problems on your list, start at top, do again?
Can you make a new list of troubles of greater magnitude than the first list, try it?
Do you say things with great conviction when you have no conviction?
Can you go to the next difficulty on your list, ask your self how your going to tackle it?
What reality in the world would you like to create?
How effective is the therapy being applied to you?
Why can you not help all people, do some refuse to get better?
What if you knew how to help those that refused to get better, how?
Why can people have problems in learning, no theories please?
Why do cities stay dirty?
What does communication and duplication have to do with education?
When you communicate, do you take steps to ensure you’re understood?
What have you said that must never happen again?
Do you control areas well that you will not confront?
Do you know someone who obsessively changes things?
Hypothetically, How strong is your unwillingness to change?
Hypothetically, how strong is your unwillingness to rethink “FACTS”?
Hypothetically, Can you explain why nothing can be done for you or others?
Hypothetically, how strong is your unwillingness to inspect that theory?
I assume every  person can be more able and should be, do you agree?
If you’re not getting better, have you ever decided nothing will happen?
Are you or do you know anyone using their condition to control others?

5/31/12 I’ve got hundreds that I need to post…some day 🙂

Are you measured in relationship to your family, friends, environment?
Why do psychs use non-workable technology?
How blocked/free are various areas of life for you?
Do you have entities that answer you, how many?
Have you undecided to die, yes, “Undecided”?
Does creation precede destruction?
Is all progress preceded by an idea, what are your ideas?

3/15/12 I actually really enjoy posting questions. It’s just not the highest priority. Here’s some new one!

Could a psychotic be someone who is quiet and appear logical?
Have you ever talked to someone who made sense but it really didn’t add up?
Do yo know people that should be handling things but constantly don’t?
Does an “open mind” simply mean doubts everything?
Are people that will not work insane?
Are people that blame everyone else for their not working insane?


What should a being be afraid n this universe?

3/7/12 I’m going to hire someone to post these for me. The stack of written questions is getting high!

When you say you’re wrong, are you saying your dead, how wrong can you get?
Are children wrong only on subjects not properly taught?
Do schools & most organized religions exist merely to control people?
How well are you in communication with your past, are your memories clear?
Are ill people in good communication?
Is a person not caring for self, family, group, mankind rational?
Why does the media talk about a sex scandal when we are a war?
Why the discussion of ocare when there is no care only death, suffering, drugs?
Why does the media talk about an accident when the world is going bankrupt at the hands of banksters?
Does the media rely solely on bad news, lies?
Is an ongoing war hypnotizing, numbing, blinding man’s ability to think?
Does War tend to create a psychotic, non-thinking society?
What do schools and religion have in common, control of man?
Should the mind have the right to make decisions?
If the mind has a fixed datum that can’t be evaluated how could that effect clear thinking?
Is grief the loss of something survival?
Is the threat of loss fear?
Is terror like fear of lots of it?
Is grief like sorrow only a lots of it?
Is anger a person fighting the threat of loss?
How do you know a person is dead, by looking at the body?
How do you feel about your fellow man, fear, trust…?
Can you envision the details of a future pleasure moment?
What is man’s relationship to the universe?
What would you say is the senior datum?
Can you envision a scale of emotions, of reality?
Why can some people not receive a clear truth?
If someone is low emotionally, can you bring them up with communication?
If someone has been told he’s dumb, stupid, could that effect hearing?


Do you have reality with the past, present, future?
Can you communicate with the past, present, future?
What is interpersonal relationships composed of?
What shut down your telepathy, when was it?
Were you told not to remember you’re telepathic?
Have you been told not to remember, to forget all?
What would a hypnotist tell you so you would not remember?


Can the mind set up an illogic and then dismantle it?
Can a sane mind set up and take down insanity?
Are only the weak cruel, the afraid vicious?
Would bound up emotion be life force?
Who thought up the term childhood delusion, some psych?
Can you recall a recent pleasant event from beginning to end several times?
Did everything you think negative about yourself come from_____?
If  you have negative opinion of self, who told it to you that opinion?
Is the only reason people are insane due to those around them?
What is a derogatory term/saying you’ve used often, who else used it?
What is the phrase that expresses your concern about your sanity/ability, who told you?
Human mind is always right, what causes wrong answers, insanity, disability?


Are stock holders n #monsanto accessories to murder?
Should stock holders in pharma be tried for the untested vaccines & the damage?


Why do some people exercise and not lose fat? #HEALTHCOACH
What is the difference between burning calories & burning fat? #HEALTHCOACH
How do you determine the quality of your recovery after exercise? #HEALTHCOACH
Will a small cookie, say 80 calories, block weight loss?  #HEALTHCOACH
What is the actual definition of “diet”?  #HEALTHCOACH
Would you lose weigh to get healthy or get healthy to lose weight?  #HEALTHCOACH
Which different foods effect Ur hormones, cause fat storage/burning?#HEALTHCOACH
Do fats/oils increase or decrease fat storing hormones?  #HEALTHCOACH
How does sugar combined+protein effect your Insulin levels?  #HEALTHCOACH
Why should you change your workout every 2-3 weeks? #HEALTHCOACH
Does continuing the same training over time reduce GrowthHormones? #HEALTHCOACH

Do people easily accept what is true?
Isn’t it a shame artists have to eat, have to earn$?
Why will people kick back the truth?
Have you tried to talk to someone that didn’t want to know?
Would the absence of all motion result in vanishment?
Is death the equivalent to a total lack of motion?
How successful are humans at stopping time?
Is sanity a computation of the future?
Is psychotic computation only of the past?
Does survival pertain only the future?
Does happiness and perception of survival potential relate?
How do thought, emotion and effort align and relate?
Can you tell me what in your immediate environment you do not control?
Can you tell me what in your immediate environment you have no interest in at all?
What is the only force which can your reduce your self-determination?
What, if anything, do you do often to invite sympathy?
If you fail, blame others, how does that impact you?
Can you be real high toned and in good communication with low toned people?
Are there things that are wrong with your body the things you selected?
Are you the effect of your own causes?
Have you ever wished or acted to harm other areas of life?
If you have ever wished or acted to harm other areas of life & failed, did you get the results?
Have you ever gotten annoyed with someone for coughing, then you started?
Could justice be the adjudication of relative rightness or wrongness of an action/decision?
What does a child do if he experiences an injustice (you were a kid once)?
Is being human simply a way to make other humans wrong or sympathetic?
If you communicate with someone in fear, are you subject to that emotion?
If you hate others, do you hate yourself?
If you don’t trust others, are you afraid of yourself?
Why do some people have “phobias?”
Do you know how to resolve a phobia by yourself simply?
Do you think “Life will survive as a group or we will perish as individuals?”
If you are in communication with someone in anger are you subject to that?
Can you recall someone you kissed, did  you want to talk, touch?
Can you recall someone who pushed you, did you feel affectionate?
Have you noticed people that insisted you believe them, that you agree?
Do you know someone who is afraid of everything, how much do you like them?
If you are in communication with someone in grief are you subject to that?


Is thought part of the physical universe?
Have you ever thought there was more than one of you?
Would it be confusing if you found out there could be more than 1 of U?
How would you react if you met yourself, another you, on the street?
Is someone else holding your “insanities” in place?
Are your mental problems not  yours but belong to someone else?


Why are so many people obese, could it be they do not know something?
When you lose someone, regardless of cause, why is there discomfort?
Why do people store old worthless items?
Is your name important to your beingness, are you your name?
What would happen if you said your name to yourself 20-25 times?


As a parent do you often get excited or upset about the way your kids treat their shoes?
Did your parents often give you a hard time about  how you treated your shoes?
Who do those shoes belong to & why can’t the owner control them?
Can you recall listening to some good live music, were you standing or sitting?
Would you like to know what is wrong with you or what is right with you?
Do you constantly criticize your employees or validate what is right?
What do you consider pleasure, when was that?
If you constantly validate the rightness, will a person get more & more right?
What happens if the evil in someone is ignored & all focus in on the good?
Is the environment at work cheerful/validating or dramatic/overbearing?
What did you have at the most recent breakfast, lunch?
Is most “social” training reactive, do you say “thank you” so you don’t get hit?
Do you learn well by being forced or by observing a necessity to learn?
How can you tell if the person you see is civilized?
How would you define a civilized person?
Do you feel good around one person and bad around another?


If We have the same data, should be arrive at the same conclusion?
Would a disagreement be based on different data, different viewpoints, etc?
What is the definition of food?
Have you agreed to be human?
Does one have to be wrong to be human?
Could the Pope be considered a mystic?
If you try to find rightness, find some & keep looking, what happens?
Are you trying to solve old problems, where are you now?
How do you get agreement with an angry person, mimic them?
Does a person’s tone of voice often give indication of their emotional tone?
Do really cheerful people sometimes annoy you, how does that work?
Why can you not force someone to be happy?
Can you be enthusiastic and sound angry, bored?
Are we the worlds hope against destruction, pain, hopelessness?

1/12/12 I should write an article. Pick a question for me and I’ll write about it!

Do #Psychiatrist trust psychologist or anybody?
Have the #psychs done anything but make up labels?
How can #psychs live knowing every day they are failing utterly?
What barriers do you have that prevent you from being helped?
Can you recall the feeling of determination, can  you experience it?
Can you recall feeling shame for someone else?
Do you have a constant picture that you often see?
When you try to recall a picture do you get a blank?
What do you regret, can you run that incident backwards?
Can you cause things to happen?
If you pull up  a picture in your mind, what is on the backside of it?
Can you recall the feel of being blunted or stopped?
How can an earlier unsolved problem effect the solution of today’s problems?
Why do people with strong goals survive well, no goals die fast & easy?
Are your fears those belonging to dead people you’ve known?
Why does medicine not know how to heal a body?
Why are almost all medical practices grossly damaging?
Why do almost all cancer patients die because of the “treatment”? (See Cancer Industry killed my Wife)
Are there natural laws behind miracles?
What if you could know the laws behind miracles?
Could the mind cure the body (don’t tell fda, they outlaw minds)?
Why is death given such a sad importance, huge funerals for a dead body?
As cause, do you find yourself shouldering the ills of the world?
Have you noticed someone who seems to refuse to get well?
Is your illness carried so someone dead might continue?
How many people have you tried to help and failed, how many died?
Did you try to help the pet that died and failed to help?
What is it you can’t do, when did you earlier say you couldn’t do it?
Do you recognize you are in command of your body?
Does  your body recognize you are in command of it?
Is driving an automobile a peace time activity or wartime?
Do you have as much command over your body as  you should, solution?
Do you validate y our own abilities as much as  you should?
Do you validate other’s abilities and aesthetics as much as you should?
Do you think BP spill, Haiti, Japan have HAARP in common?
Would you say the world is full of wolves or rabbits?
Which operates better a group of wolves or rabbits?
Are you willing to have other men free and more able?
Do you know someone who dominates and nullifies others?
Do you k dominates and nullify others, is that the way you want to be?
Can you give me any situation, good or bad, then recall when you said it would be?
When did you decide to stop yourself?
Who suggested you should stop and you agreed?
Is your body in agreement with itself?
Is your body in communication with itself?
Do you practice self negation?
Does denial of self result in illness?
Do you have pride in self or did  you give that up?
Do you have question about me? Ask, I’ll probably answer in detail 🙂
Are you truly as confident of the future as I am?
Do you know people who can’t stand to have you happy?


If you lost a maybe or two on your illness, might  your get better?
When you try to restrain others, what does this do to you?
Have you had a sensation that you’ve murdered someone but you haven’t?
Do you find yourself with a lot of maybes?
Is regret just the effort of turning back time?
Can you run a memory backwards?
How would you like to knew, are you not supposed to know?
What causes variation of electrical resistance in a body?
Is death merely a barrier dropped into your memory?
Does the barrier of death compartment off earlier life memories?
Can thoughts be measured on a dial?
How could you measure the electrical resistance in a body?


Is growing old inevitable or have we not seen evidence that is doesn’t have 2happen?
When you are around low toned people, do you experience they emotion?
When there is danger in the environment, do you feel fear, is it  your?
If I mentally command you to do something, do you think it is your idea?
When you act on a thought or emotion, is it yours?
Can you look at two similar objects and find differences always?
Are you stuck in the past, no attention on the future?
The business of death, how is your certainty?
Is failure a gradient of death?
Are you serious about living, about death?
If you’re not serious ab out death, are you free to live?
Are you so worried about today that you have little thought about the future?
Are you stuck in past/present time, what are your goals?
How does sanity relate to being serious or not?
When people go against you, are you greatly effected?
Which is more important, what people did to you or what you did to others?
Do you expect people to obey you, how is that working out?
Why would one person obey another, what’s your thoughts?
Do you handle others like you’ve been handled?
Do you trust yourself, if not, how can you trust others?
Would I be wrong to trust you?
Does extending trust to someone help them?
Your major worry, have you been indecisive?
Do you often act like someone, do you dislike them?
What do you do that you don’t like, can you stop?
If you do things you don’t like, can’t stop, would you like help?
How large is your sphere of responsibility?
How large is your mind (not the body’s brain)?
Are you proud of yourself? (You should be!)


What is the proof people only life this life?
Which previous life/death do you recall most clearly?
If you were certain you had lived before what would that say about future?
Are you not supposed to know about previous lives?
Have others tried to do your thinking for you?
Do you know someone who likes to finish your sentences?
Do you know which mental phenomena can be used against you?
What is a mystery to you?
What about life/death confuses you?
What about  your life do you not want to confront?
What about life do you not have a solution for?
If life is confusing, could you write down the various aspects?
Does structure change the mind or mind change the structure?
If you try to cheer up and failed do you get gloomy?
What effect do these words have: Charged, Wrong, Fault, have no right…why is that?
Why you fail to help someone, do you get upset?
Do you blame yourself for someone’s death?
Who’s burdens, habits, goals, fears are you carrying after their death?
Is blame a negation (denial) of responsibility?
When did you stop being responsible & start blaming (if U did)?
Are you constantly cold, what is your state of being?
In what state would you need to be to really speed up?
Who’s failed life are you living (besides your own)?
Are you more concerned with others survival?
Who are you willing to help (if anyone)?
What is the atmosphere of where you are now?
When you “feel” sympathy, is it yours or someone else’s?
What is the atmosphere around a baby’s bed or crib?
Recalling yesterday, what was your emotion of the day?
What is the atmosphere where you work?
What would be counter-thought, how could you perceive it?
Have you been told you must be part of the church, any church?
Have you been told you cannot be part of the church, any church?
Why does any race consider itself as a minority yet still be part of the human race?
Who set up different Races as “minorities”, who profited?
For the atheist, who told you you must believe or couldn’t believe?
Is there an area of life you’re confused about, indecisive?
Have you heard conflicting data about God?
If you and I communicate well, who benefits?
If you and I communicate poorly who loses or suffers?
If you originate, cause, a communication, who is responsible for it being understood?
Why do you perceive certain people pleasant & others as not pleasant?
How do I benefit asking people questions when I don’t get answers?
If  you’re high toned, how can you prevent low toned people from pulling you down?
What is the emotional tone level where you work?
What is the emotional tone level around your family?
What is wrong with “medical” anything?
How is responsible for your health?
How come the med/pharma professions never HEAL anything?
What is the emotional tone lever of where you work, your family?
If  you’re environment is angry or covert, how can  you stay above that?
Was you childhood time happier than resent time, what changed?
Does the physical Univ and life best interact at high emotional tones?
What are you looking at, can you describe it’s shape, temperature etc?
Who thinks they are just average, do you know that’s not true at all?
What do you want to do, what could you do to accomplish that?


I know you can do it, need a nudge or some advice?
How could not giving sympathy help someone?
What do you admire?
What do you not admire?
Does giving sympathy tell someone they’re weak?
Can you admire something you do not like?
If you pity someone are they powerful?
Have you ever seen sympathy actually help someone?
Do you think “How life is treating me” or “How am I treating life”?
Why, before I try to help someone, do I have to decide if I want them better?
Is there something that tells you people should not get better/stronger?
Have you ever seen someone almost die but did not?
Where are memories stored, does a memory have weight?
Can you store something that doesn’t have a wave length?
What have you been mad about in the past, still important?
Do angry people want sympathy, how bad it all is?
Can you safely be at effect as long as you remain cause?
Who are you being insane for (if you are)?
Can you prove you’re not  telepathic?


Knowing the family you had you must be really powerful to have survived, you?
Your good efforts speak for themselves, can you see this?
Does “if you give an artist enough “constructive criticism” he’ll cease to art” sound right?
Can anyone improve YOUR imagination?
I’m certain you’re an artist, regardless of others, what do you think?
Is “Constructive criticism” only a vicious method of reducing ability?
Who do you know that covertly attacks you with words for  your own good?
Of the 1000s of BA graduates, how many are really producing artists?
Are you right more often than you’re wrong, still alive?


Where are memories stored & does a memory have weight?


Is Zero the same as infinity? (I got some interesting discussions on this one. But no one could define
If energy is motion, what is in motion?
Is the mind inside the physical universe, where?
Do you run your body or does it run you?
Who runs your body?
Is age just an aberration? (Need a dictionary?)
Exactly how does one “forget” a memory?
If you put a memory “behind you” is  it gone?
If you put a memory “behind  you” where did it go?
What is the one thing, really, that can worry you?
Are our political parties just a maneuver to divide & rule?
Does memory have a wave length?
Could you have a piece of a nothing or a true static?
What problem(s) do you have in suspension?
Do you say “I’ve lost ___” instead of just remembering where it is?
Did anyone ever try to help you and you entered a “maybe” it wouldn’t work?
How does the mind operate?
How much space does life take up?
Does the threat of war along justify a federal govt?
Would the Federal Govt create ware to justify it’s continued existence?
What would be the ideal state of man?
Why do we have to handle yesterday, or do we?
What was your conclusion that said you have to obey?
Can thought alone modify structure?
Can you get the idea you’re fat then be fat?
Can you get the idea you’re skinny and them be skinny?
Are you too busy worrying about others to help yourself?
Are you so worried about yourself, you don’t think of others?
What or who convinced you that life/death are so serious?
Do injustices at home cause children to use illness?


Do your friends often criticize the things you say?
Why do people need to be talked into being helped?
How could you calm an angry person, stop all motion?
Is a calm angry person still angry?
Do you move slower around ill people, why is that?
Who feels insane today, can I ask you three questions?
Can you tell the difference between you and your memories?
Are you “to Be” or “to Remember”?
What was your intention today, what will it be tomorrow?
Is  the need of “experience” an excuse for lack of imagination?


  1. Is the music you create aimed at effort, emotion or thought?
  2. Are you frightened of imagination?
  3. If you’re imagining and know it, is imagination creative?
  4. If you’re imagining and don’t know it, is your imagination really hallucination?
  5. What is the worse thing someone could do to an immortal. Kill his body?
  6. Would you say your emotion is more thoughtful or more effort like?
  7. What kind of effort does punishment-drive produce?
  8. Is the only reason man is still surviving is the thought he should?
  9. Does man continue despite all the counter efforts because of thought?
  10. If you want a group to get something good done what level of emotion should you use?
  11. When a government thinks driving its people is the only solution, what do they get?
  12. Could #Liscnse2Survive be a guiding force for a new future?
  13. Let us do a drill, how is war helping mankind survive, you can’t think of any answer either?
  14. Is thought limitless?
  15. If you were certain of your own immortality, how could death be very upsetting?
  16. Would you say you’re a body, a mind, or a spirit?

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Carl Watts

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June 6, 2014

A limitation is a restriction. It is something that holds you back or restricts you. A limitation implies a lack of ability or a weakness.


Man has been convinced he has many limitations. “Real life” force has proven he’s weak and lacks ability.

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So we see Homo sapiens struggling along with “one foot in the grave.” Interesting, if we look many of our fellow-men are busy pushing everyone over the edge.


Many of the pathetic people are tipping into the grave and trying to pull everyone around them in to the hole at the same time!

Related Poem: Up Hill.


The Insane


Behind the people pushing people into the grave and coaching the people pulling everyone in with them, we find the true insane.


The insane are the #banksters, the #elite, #warmongers, #mainstream #media, #bigpharma and #psych!


True there are insane that are not powerful, but nagging, invalidating little people. They are too weak to pull the rug out from under people so they just pour a little oil on the surface so people slip, injure themselves or fall ill.

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You Can’t Do That!


How many times have you been told that?


How many times did this stop you from even attempting something?


How many times did you do exactly what they said you can’t do?


This gets very common and every day! No left turns the sign says. Don’t change lanes the solid line says. No parking. “Stop!” says the big red sign ever few hundred feet.


Sometimes I cross those lines, go in the out-door. I do these things because I am in control.


There are times, I follow the rules, the lines.


I do not desire to be cited by a revenuing official! Revenuing is collecting taxes or fines. #Obamacare is revenuing by the government for the #ama/#pharmaceutical industries.


Normally, I choose my battles!


What Are the Abilities of a Human Being?


Here is where many people might disagree. This maybe from fear of others or self. It maybe that they have been convinced so many times that it is painful to think outside the box.


Mom’s are always encouraging children by saying “you can do anything”!


That statement is one hundred percent accurate!


How did the mom lift the car off the child? How come some people seem to read minds or foretell the future?


Or more common, how did he become rich or famous despite everything?


Another superhuman feat, as a writer, is how did I get you to read my article?


As a being, your abilities are far greater than you ever been allowed to imagine!


I should point out that I am not talking about the abilities of your body.


I am talking about you and your abilities!

Related Poem: Infinity.


I also have a number of articles that are all true. Each gives a small glimpse of man’s hidden abilities: Beyond Human Tales.


Sometimes You Have to Disagree!


I’m not telling you to disagree with your spouse. She or he is probably correct. See if you can figure out how this maybe true. By doing so, you probably will find the disagreement vanishes as you become more reasonable and analytical.


I am suggesting that there are times that you should disagree with the barriers presented by others or by the physical universe. The poem I suggested above, Infinity, gives some suggestions.


Another thing that will nail you down is hate.


All too often, there are reasons to hate! Very good, convincing reasons!


Here I would suggest you disagree. The offered target, for you to hate, is often not guilty of the actions they are accused of!


From their viewpoint, they are correct. I explain this in my article: You Are Right.


Try loving them or admiring them! Doing so is sanity and a possible expansion of your abilities. Hate is insanity and will bury your abilities further under the garbage!

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The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing!


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Carl Watts

I am a Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health. Contact me.

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If someone recalls something minor incorrectly, do you have to correct? From Questions that Make YOU Think

December 22, 2011

I thought I’d elaborate on this a bit.

I’ve noticed in many conversations with my family how various stories of the past differ from my memory. Usually, the stories are entertaining rather than being of great importance.

So if I correct the data, what would that do? At the very least, I am making the person telling the story a little wrong.

The other thing is perhaps I am wrong. Since it’s not important, I simply let it go. I rarely need to prove I’m right and someone else is wrong.

There are times when it’s not a story of entertainment and some fact is incorrect. If it is important, I will correct it in a manner least challenging to the other person.

I have a related article on my site “How to Correct”

I’d like to invite you to read my plan:  “New Civilization”

World Communication

April 12, 2010

There are two issues I’d like to touch on.

First is the freedom to use the internet. Governments/corporations would like to be able to control, restrict, dictate what can and can not be put on the internet. In America, with the current political disaster, the government would love to stop our ability to communicate rapidly and to pass information. Our future freedom depends, to a marked degree in my opinion, our ability to do this.

Individually, we are no match for any oppressive government. United we are better than them.

What governments fail to understand is that their power, all of it, comes from the people they are governing. Governing should be for the best of the people to aid survival of all.

I recommend supporting

Next is Twitter. Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to reach large numbers of people all around the world.

With more communication, man gets along better than with little or none. So I promote the use of Twitter and offer no cost data to help you grow a following.

I have tips on Twitter both basic and advanced on my site.

Have a great day and communicate!

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Carl Watts

I am a Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health. Contact me.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! 🙂 #PEACE

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Health and Sanity

March 9, 2010

Smiles are healthy!

Every day, I post nutritional data, alternative information, to help people with their health.

Preventive is the best solution.

The Medical field only drugs the symptoms (usually) as they are trained by big pharma.

Routinely, almost daily, I refer people to Nutrition Response Testing. It is laser precise method of determining what’s stressing the body. Check it out by clicking here!

Healthy people are happier, think clearer, are calmer, more sane. All those points help mankind survive himself! I am out to Save the World!

Part of Saving the World is saving the children. A good group to do that is SAGE_USAClick to see a hard hitting statement by a 15 year old boySee the Olympic style medals the children getDo an application to support SAGE_USA!

Together, we can make a difference.